Wall Hanging Shelf


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Simple, elegant modern piece of furniture is the perfect solution for small walls and tight spaces. It is durable and heavy duty with the ability to carry heavy items like a large mug or small vase. This open hanging shelf is large size and fit for any modern wall, using a strong nail it can be hung of any type of wall. It adds elegance, natural elements and a touch of modernity to your interiors.
This is made by EGO Home a furniture design and manufacturing company specialised in authentic wooden furniture manufacturing and treating producing high quality pieces fit for any space. World class quality, this piece will come with an authenticity certificate to guarantee its originality. The product is made out of 100% natural wood and thus has natural beautiful wooden imperfections that add beauty to its design and shape. As shown by the images this furniture piece works well with decorative pieces that add style to any interior space.
This piece of furniture does not come with the decorations shown in the image used for photography. 
It comes fully wrapped and packaged with an authenticity certificate as shown on our footer. 
Product Rating:
Length 100 cm
Width 22 cm
Height 26 cm
Type of wood  Solid White wood 
Material: Solid Stained and polished white wood with black iron framing. 
SKU: ISRDBP0001407010022026DP
Made by: EGO Home 
Photography by: Leanium Technologies
Sold by: www.homebrush.com
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Additional information

Dimensions 100 x 22 x 26 cm

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