Flight of Fancy


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“Once you get the chance to follow your fancy dream, don’t lose sight of it” Artist Salwa Al Yusuf

This medium size painting depicts 2 dreamers reaching for the moon in the darkness of the night, young and ambitious using a ladder try to reach for the skies. The painting is made using Acrylic paint on an authentic cotton canvas stretched over a wooden frame and ready to hang on your wall.

Multiple shades of purple, green, black, white and pink are the strong lovely colours coming out of the painting. The painting will look lovely matched with modern furniture, colourful furniture or art deco pieces and can be a lovely gift given to a loved one and can even look great in an entrance hallway to give that soft positive vibe. This piece is perfect to have anywhere especially when space is limited as it has depth.

This product also comes with a Home Brush Authenticity Certificate as it is a one of a kind art piece that will not be repeated again. This is a signed original piece by Artist Salwa Al Yusuf painted in Bahrain. 

Exact colour:  Multiple shades of purple, green, black, white and pink

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Size: Length 80 cm by Width 60 cm

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Made in Bahrain 

Supplied by: Artist Salwa Al Yusuf

Sold by: www.homebrush.com

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Dimensions 80 x 60.0 cm

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