Cotton Table Runner


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Egyptian cotton is known for its softness and long life. This luxurious beautiful table runner with Arabic calligraphy is made out of natural Egyptian cotton, with a cotton strip of hand dyed Arabic calligraphy using print techniques that give this table runner a human touch. The colors have been tested and do not fall off, it is high quality and soft on the material of your table so it will not scratch your furniture. Can be used on your meeting table, coffee table, console table or dinning table. Egyptian artisans have created this lovely product making it an art piece with proper Arabic calligraphy. The colorful classy touch  adds life to your decor and the calligraphy brings oriental design to life.  The size is perfect to have anywhere. 85% of those who made this product are women working in  fair trade and community friendly environments developing their talents. This product also comes with a Home Brush Authenticity Certificate.

Exact color: Natural 100% cotton off-white color, with center pieces Arabic letters calligraphy no words just decorated letters.

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Size: 120 cm

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Made in Egypt

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Dimensions 120.000 cm