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Ego Home 

Ego Home Furniture Manufacturing 

Focused interests: Rustic wooden furniture, custom decor pieces, furniture and fittings manufacturing. 

Ego Home is a Bahraini based manufacturing and decor fittings company that has focused purely on quality. Through careful craftsmanship and attention to detail Ego Home has been known as the go-to company for quality wooden and metal furniture as well as unique modern decor fittings for home, office, showrooms and even exhibitions. 

Ego Home as a manufacturer does not only supply items for retail but manufactures, and works on custom large projects where pieces are custom made. Famous for having the best natural organic wooden tree stumps Ego Home has brought these beautiful tree stumps which can be used as tables here on Home Brush. These tree stumps are the hottest items of the season. 

Ego Home as a brand and manufacturer is also focused on ensuring that each item is clearly made with the focus on delivering brand value and identity. Ego Home therefore has carefully stamped each and every piece to mark its authenticity and handcrafted furniture pieces.

Ego home is a furniture and decor item supplier on Home Brush where all their custom made, high volume items are sold online – full cash on delivery, global home delivery.

Enjoy their pieces and indulge in their craftsmanship, quality never gets old and lives forever. 


Salwa Al Yousif 

Classical Bahraini Artist Salwa Al Yousif 

Focused interests: Classical Portraiture, Landscape Art, Illustration 


Salwa’s artistic gift engaged at childhood while observing her artist relatives in the family. Nasser Al Yusuf, Salwa’s uncle, was one of the pioneers of visual art in Bahrain. The outlook Nasser gave her through his drawings introduced a new method of self-expression. Recollections of being in Nasser’s art studio, watching Nasser’s steps and learning from his experience were a couple of her fond memories. This granted Salwa the inspiration to start drawing. During school, Salwa’s work was admired by her art teachers, which gave her the push to further elevate her art work.

While her early interests revolved around art and the creative sphere, her academic path had steered far away from it. Salwa Al Yusuf obtained an M ED in English language teaching from University of Sheffield, England. She graduated from University of Bahrain with the degree in English Literature and Language Teaching. She began her career as an English teacher at an upper-intermediate school. As she continued to improve and develop, she was promoted continuously to head of the English department, school vice principal and eventually a principal. As a school principal, Salwa had always encouraged gifted students to develop their artistic skills. She paid special interest in developing and distributing artistic prints around the school. She finally became a director in the Quality Assurance Authority for Education and Training. She then resigned in 2008, marking the start of her artistic journey.


Andrew Loomis, an illustrator, has expressed his view about art claiming that “drawing is vision on paper”. This quote resonated with Salwa and after resigning, it became very apparent that it was time her artistic purpose is given fair chance. The decision of resignation was because Salwa wanted to give more time to her hobbies and self. Salwa decided to travel to different places around the world to draw from different inspiring destinations and experience them at different seasons throuhgt each year. Throughout her trips, she was always eager to visit art galleries and also view the work of different artists. Sometimes, she was lucky enough to meet and converse with artists and share their experiences and thoughts on their art pieces.


“I aim to spread my art and give people insight into a new perspective of art. It is not necessarily an expression of an existing visible. It’s transforming the invisible to visible and giving meaning to every thought that comes to one’s mind.”

Faten Al Alaiwat

Feng Shui Consultant & Writer Faten Al Alaiwat

Focused interests: Journalism, Feng Shui, Spatial decor, Feng shui and energy consultant and Literature

سيرتي مع الفنغ شوي او طاقة المكان

إنطلقت للبحث عن هذا العلم …عندما وجدت نفسي في وسط مشاكل وأحداث غريبه لم أجدُ لها تفسير اً في ذلك الوقت . ومنها بدأت رحلتي مع طاقة المكان

ا أخبرتني أختيقائلة “فاتن هل تعلمين أنه يوجد علم يطلق عليه ( فنغ شوي)؟” .من هنا بدأ مشواري في عالم علمقررت بتكريس نفسي للبحث فيه  وهو: علم الفنغ شوي “.

وابتدأت انطلاقي فى البحث والتدقيق من خلال الاضطلاع العلمي في الكتب اطاقة المكان وفي صفحات الانترنت المختلفه , أيقنت بعدها أن الموضوع كبير وهام جداً وأنه عليَّ ان أبتدئ بتريب حياتي من جديد وبتعلم هذا العلم ومن ثمَّ تطبيقه على نفسي وبيوت أهلي ،وبعد هذا المشوار وجدنا أنفسنا جميعنا نتشارك قوة المحبة والحياة بنظرة مملوءة بالطاقة الكبيرة المضيئة …

ولا حظت تغير في مجرى أحداث حياتهم ووصولهم الى أهدافهم اسرع ..

وبعد بحث داما عشر سنين أجد نفسي اليوم متحررة من كلِّ ما اعتقدته هاماً في الماضي أصبح اليوم لدي رؤيا جديدة لأهمية ما أفعله من أجل المستقبل …..

سواء فى منزلي……. فقد بدأت حياتى تتضح لي أكثر  ، وتترتب اولوياتي فى الحياة  يتغير فكراً وعملاً وروحاً ومادياً ,اصبح اهتمامي بقدراتي أكثر يوماً بعد يوم , بعد أن عملت على تنظيف كل مافي البيت من من ما هو غير مرغوب فيه ، فقمت بفتح المخازن ، والتخلص من كل ماهو غير مرغوب فيه …….وبينما انا اعمل على  تنفيذ ترتيب كل زاوية بشكل منفرد في منزلي على

 حسب طاقة المكان ,

كنت ابحث عن مثل هذه الدراسات عبر الانترنت  ,فكثير من الأمور كانت مجهولة عن خبايا هذا العلم الكبير  ، فقد شعرت بوجود حلقات مفقودة لم اتمكن من الوصول لها إلا اذا درست هذا العلم …….

.وبعد تنظيف المنزل أصبحت فعلاً اتحرك بشكل وبثقة وبقوة أكبر فأجد باستمرار أفراد من الصديقات والأهل يساعدونني ويمدونني بقوة للوصول الى الحقائق .

من هنا تعرفت على استاذتي الماستر نور كايزن ”  فوضعت قدمي على أول سلم الثقة في قوة وقيمة هذا العلم  الخفي ، ومن هنا بدأت انطلاقتي .


وها أنا اليوم أصبحت مستشارة إلى علم طاقة المكان ، ولكني لم أكتفي فأنا ادرس بجد لأكون قريباً ماستر فنغ شوي إنشاء الله.

شغفي هو توصيل الناس الى تنفيد طاقة المكان ببساطة الى كل منزل وأنا اليوم أستمتع بنشر طاقة المكان.

 وأتمنى ان يصل الىجميع الناس بكل حب للحصول  على حياة اكثر سعادة و حب ، وصحة , وثراء . وحكمة …بسهول ويسر .

Fengshuibh 369

أستشارات طاقة المكان

Anna Romanska

Journalist & Writer Anna Romanska

Focused interests: Journalism, food blogging, blogging and Literature

Anna Romanska is a writer working to support a crippling addiction to buying books she’ll forget to read, and coffee she needs to survive. She has experience with creating content for local and international clients and loves writing about anything from food to culture to business.

Anna has written extensively researched blog pieces on millennials for corporate marketing firms, quirky copy for sportswear companies, restaurant and cafe food reviews, and even detailed technical descriptions of evolving marine technologies. If you’ve got something new that she can get stuck into and learn about, she might end up thanking YOU for the work.

Anna Romanska is a hosted collaborator and independent writer writing great material for Home Brush published every Monday and Wednesday, she shares her sights, passions, and stories from a fresh and authentic new perspective.

You can find her on Twitter at @atromanska or on LinkedIn as a ‘professional’ adult.

Read Anna’s super engaging and fresh articles on our blog.

Shaima Ibrahim Owner of Yadawy

Owner of Yadawy handmade Egyptian products

Focused interests: Fair Trade handmade authentic Kiliim rugs, towels, handmade crafts.

Shaima Ibrahim is the visionary behind her brand Yadawy a brand that has supplied authentic, high quality, original Egyptian community produced products where the production facility that produces them has Egyptian Women as 85% of their workforce. Yadawy through careful sourcing and supply is able to offer a wide range of products that has closed great amount of sales through the past year fro high quality 100% wool Kiliim rugs, 100% Egyptian cotton towels among other produce here sold on Home Brush. Yadawy continues to satisfy her clients by offering them fair trade, authentic and quality products bridging the gap between community friendly produce and home decor. Making home decor a happy and fair trade sustainable market through her supply. Shaima through Yadawy has noticed the growth of the factory she buys items from, due to her increased sourcing from the factory the amount of female employees has increased over the span of time helping them to economically improve their living standards while still producing great products.

Shaima is hosted seller and supplier here on Home Brush selling her items in the online shop. Through Yadawy and our support sustainable development will improve one step at a time.

Zahra Al Ahmed

Bahraini Classical Portraiture Artist

Focused interests: In depth portraits of key historical and community figures

Zahra Al Ahmed B. ED in Educational Arts from University of Bahrain, EDEXCEL Certificate In Graphics, and National Certificate/Diploma in Art & Design (Graphic Design) from Bahrain Training Institute (BTI) Isa Town, Kingdom of Bahrain July 2011.

She is a Bahraini artist best known for her drawings and paintings depicting human beings in a somewhat dark artistic mood, relentlessly revealing the vulnerability and tragedy of their condition.

I enjoy finding something lovely in everyday objects, events and people. I am fascinated with color the way it plays on a surface, hits forms and casts shadows. My intent is to capture the intrinsic nature or indispensable quality of a moment in my paintings and drawings. I do so by focusing on color, value and light. I use classic materials such as charcoal, chalk, pastel, shellacked paper, and wood panels used for centuries in art making. Evoking the beauty of everyday moments is my aspiration.

With a total work experience of 7 years, and having gained thorough expertise in imparting art and craft education to elementary school children, Am currently employed with Al Raja School as the Art Teacher. I am responsible for teaching art and craft to children aged between 5-12 years. I am responsible for devising an art and craft syllabus for children, training them in the same, conduct fun activities, tests, etc.

Amina Ayubova

Russian Classical & Realistic illustrator

Focused Interests: on classic illustration and realistic sketching, travel, scenery, interesting characters.

Amina Ayubova is a Russian artist; my name is of Arabic Origin. She graduated from Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry. Her journey as an artist took off after graduating bringing her talent right to this lovely island of Bahrain.

“I have decided to travel around the world to find inspiration and sense of purpose. This has influenced my art intensely. Not so long ago I moved to Bahrain, and I haven’t left since!”

Her motto as an artist as Pierre-Auguste Renoir once said: “Today everyone wants to explain everything, but if you can explain the art, then this is not art anymore”. “My art is a way through which I show my appreciation towards our beautiful world we live in, my dream is to bring to life this natural beauty with a human touch.” “Furthermore, the techniques that I use are very diverse, depending on the idea that I am trying to convey.” Amina Ayubova is a hosted seller on Home Brush and an active member of the community sharing her love for art and exploration through her writing and art shared here on Home Brush.

Amina Ayubova has exhibited at:

  • Exhibited in Creative Union of Artist of Russia.
  • Exhibited in Art hall “Tushino”. Moscow.
  • Participated in designing and developing of a new collection of Luxury jewelry at Preciosa.

• Exhibited in the international enamel exhibition, 2015, Moscow

Baraa Husseini

Designer and Collector

Focused Interests: Designing and collecting eclectic, eco-friendly community friendly home décor & furniture

Baraa Husseini is a Bahraini based collector and designer of unique furniture and home décor items drawing her inspiration from history, sustainable development and community friendly creations. She started her journey as an avid admirer of the eclectic style in décor and wanted to inspire others to become enthusiasts of a style not governed by rules. Baraa is a collector of antique, ethic, handmade, bespoke, and cultural in many cases locally made pieces to inspire and educate her followers to turn their houses into homes. Baraa is an environmental Scientist by degree and communicates her passion actively through writing articles and blog posts and is a hosted seller on Home Brush.

Baraa aspires to spread the love for her eclectic pieces through what she collects and the décor items and furniture she designs using the help of the local community. Engaging local carpenters, upholsters, furniture manufacturers and painters boosts the economy in Bahrain, especially if some pieces are upcycled and the materials are ethically made. Her aim is to create an eco-sustainable furniture market that is also ethical in that it considers every effort made, so that a self-sustaining economy is built.

Alexandra Novik Khamis

Bahrain Based Russian Artist

Focused Interests: Surrealistic realism and impressionistic Art

My name is Alexandra Novik-Khamis and I am an artist, art teacher, art mentor and art guide. I am from Russia.

From her early childhood she showed great interest in painting and drawing, which was noticed by her parents, who tried to encourage her interest in the arts and develop her art skills. “At the age of 10 I started attending Smolensk Arts School, and at the age of 16 I entered the Department of Fine Arts and Graphics of Smolensk State University. Five years of the University studies and self-development perfected my skills, gave me profound knowledge of the arts schools and techniques, and helped me to work out my own artistic style and vision of “life in the art”. As well as that I took a number of master classes from famous Russian artists and started learning more about realism – my favorite artistic school.”

During her university years she organized a few exhibitions locally and proved to be a talented teacher while working in school. “My unique style was positively marked by some of my teachers and treated as a deviation from the classics by the others, but it was recognized by all.”

Having completed 8 years in Bahrain already. During this time she opened her own full fledged Art Studio, organized several exhibition, was recognized as one of the most successful business woman in Gulf, created educational art material book and painted more than 300 art works.

My style and focus, which I show through my art, is surrealistic realism with touch of impressionism. Alexandra Novik Khamis is a hosted seller on Home Brush and an active member of the community sharing her talent with the island and the world.

Alexandra is highly active and can be found on:

Website – http://jemnovik.wix.com/shurooop

Art Blog – http://alex-butterfly.blogspot.com/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/novikhamisart/

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/user/Shuroop

Google+ – https://plus.google.com/+Shuroop

Ali Najeeb

Bahrain based eco-friendly and up cycled furniture designer and manufacturer

Focused Interests: eco-friendly furniture design and manufacturing and up-cycling materials into lovely furniture.

Go green! It’s not a goal, it’s a journey

“In order to explain my talent and love for woodworking, I must explain the first years of my life.”

“According to family members, I was so attached to my uncle, whose been a woodworker, and to simulate him, I always asked for kids plastic tools like hammers, saws, growing up influenced by the art of woodworking.”

“My family surprised me on my 2nd birthday, by giving me a cake in the shape of a hammer, which was my mother’s early estimation for my future in this field.”

“In those days, I found it difficult to get the needed supplies, due to financial concerns as well as the fact that our home was not in the proximity of the suppliers.”

Past to the present day Ali s a result, learned how to become resourceful, using available materials found in and around his house to fulfill his creative needs to fuel his passion and put hammer to wood creating and up-cycling wood to create beautiful furniture and décor items.

Reusing and recycling old materials can be used to create special pieces that reflect the rustic and fragrant past, satisfying the desires of many people of having high quality, durable, environmentally friendly home décor and furniture items.

“Not only does he exhibit environmental responsibility by using recycled materials, but he educates others on the importance of recycling through rustic themed accessories and furniture. “Recycling wood saves trees and reduces waste while getting something beautiful in return.”

This is how his woodworking journey started. “I’ve been very lucky to get all the support from my wife, family and friends to dedicate my time into something I love.” Ali Najeeb is also a hosted seller, designer and creator on Home Brush spreading his influence and passion in every home, selling his creations and inspiring generations to follow.

Omar Yousif

Bahrain based sustainable and eco-friendly furniture designer and manufacturer

Focused Interests: High end authentic rustic wood furniture, décor and designs

Omar is  Bahraini based designer with the love and passion for making authentic wooden hi-end décor items and furniture with a great rustic and vintage focus. Through his career in furniture design and making, Omar is focused on authenticity, quality, appeal and making a piece of art that is used as furniture to last a lifetime where every dollar invested is worth it for a lifetime.

Omar’s studio is anything but simple it is equipped with machines, and tools and wood from the ends of the globe bringing great quality, artistry, design and precision to his creations.

Omar’s focus is also to shine light on the importance of creating products that last with artistic appeal and great practical function, to enable the community to buy high quality produce without damaging the environment and ensuring quality is the driving force of sustainable furniture manufacturing.

Omar through his passion and focus is also a hosted seller, designer and creator on Home Brush spreading his influence and passion, selling his creations and inspiring generations to follow.

Mohamed Al Shaikh

Logistician by profession and Art lover by hobby

Focused interests: Abstract and Contemporary art, Modern home décor designs, Supply chain and logistics

“Hard work, focus, dedication and grit are the seeds sown today that will reap the fruit of tomorrow” is a mantra I follow in every step I take on a daily basis. “

“My journey in art and design has been varied yet consistent from my early childhood to my teens where I established my first online art dealership in 2011 back when e-commerce was not known to the regional market to this day where I have exhibited, showcased and sold numerous limited edition pieces to a variety of clientele” His art focuses on architecture, the relationship between fluid empty space, rigid shapes and the power of colour taking precedence over shape. His artwork looks at Suprematism influenced by Kazimir Maleivich and modern day abstract art.

“I see a strong future for the home décor and furniture market globally worth of USD 664 billion, the gap we operate in is lucrative providing a full fledged ecommerce solution for home furniture and once the untapped treasures are capitalized on and the market inefficiencies are solved by Home Brush ecommerce solutions the market will soon start to see the power of a gap we have covered”

With Love

Mohammed Al Shaikh