Welcome to Home Brush by MASS Electronic Retail Company. Home Brush is your online one stop shop home décor and furniture portal enabling you to quickly shop for trendy, unique items at the highest quality possible, for the best prices and complete originality at the comfort of your electronic devices.

We are eco-friendly in both our product selection, manufacturing and logistical processes to keep our beautiful planet alive!

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Honestly First of all I like the platform so much. The care for all the details, focusing on everything is refreshing. This makes me sure that the website will be one of the most famous website for those who are searching for unique pieces and furniture.
Secondly I like how homebrush is really systematic, seamless and how the process is going through a fixed flow with smooth processes all in order.Additionally the website is convenient, attractive and easy to use.

Hosted Seller Yadaway by Shaima Ibrahim

Home Brush’s vision of promoting locally-made ,eco-friendly and ethical home decor products exactly matches mine, and I was very fortunate to have bumped roads with them. Professionalism, credibility, ethics and delivery, I believe are my values and those of Home Brush as well. I dream of something much bigger than having my products hosted by them. I dream of a lifetime of collaboration and entrepreneurship that will put Bahrain on the map.

Hosted Seller Baraa Husseini

I would like to thank Home Brush for allowing me to show my work to the largest number of people. The deal with them was very coordinated and fast and everythings went smoothly and beautifully, as well as allowing me to store paintings that saved me a lot of effort and time.

Hosted Seller Zahra Al Ahmed

I love it! This website continues to prove to me how easy it can be to shop online for something as hassling as furniture, I think especially in a place like Bahrain where traffic is something I practically live with. Thank you for this shopping experience the products are well described in detail which wins my trust and your design is seamless it gives me a warm feeling, this is exactly what I want people to feel when they see my home decor bought from you. Please do sell more products of a wider variety, my family and I are looking forward to them.

Client Fatima Taleb

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